Petition Regarding Access to Psychotherapy

Petition regarding access to Psychotherapy for individuals with mental health problems and illnesses, following the recommendation made by the Quebec Mental Health Commissioner in 2012:

Here is a free translation of the petition, which has been provided by AMI Québec (Action on Mental Illness in Montreal), who are members of a Coalition created in 2013 to promote this recommendation and encourage its implementation:

Considering that psychotherapy is a necessary medical service known to be as effective as pharmacological treatment for mental health problems such as depression and anxiety,

Considering that persons with mental health problems would like to have the choice of treatment, be it medication or psychotherapy,

Considering that access to psychotherapy is not equitable and that more than 200,000 Quebecers don’t have the financial means or insurance for psychotherapy,

Considering the social and economic impact of untreated mental health problems on the trajectory of the ill person, his/her family and on society at large in the short, middle and long term,

We, the undersigned, demand the Government of Quebec to include psychotherapy services in the basket of health and social services.

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