AMIQuébec Mental Health Distance Education Programs

Mental Health Estrie is proud to promote and support the mental health distance education programs of AMIQuébec.  Free interactive tele-workshops are available from your own home, or in our office in a

small group setting. To participate: from your own home, register with Care-Ring Voice Network at 1-866-396-2433 or on line at OR participate via a speaker-phone in confidential surroundings at the MHE office at 257 Queen Street, Sherbrooke (Borough of Lennoxville) ; call to register 819-565-3777.

The tenth season of tele-workshops will begin in Fall 2015. Please check back here for more information or visit for more details.

To listen to recordings from the 2014- 2015 tele-workshops please go to:



Dr. Fred Frese

We highly recommend you take a moment to meet Dr. Fred Frese.  A leading mental health professional, Dr. Frese announced late in his career that he himself has been coping with Schizophrenia for most of his life.  He is a shining example of the potential for recovery, and a truly inspiring advocate.