Mental Health Estrie’s Second Annual Fundraiser – May 5th 2018 5:30 p.m.

Mental Health Estrie will be holding its second annual Méchoui Fundraiser on Saturday May 5th at 5:30 p.m. at the A.N.A.F. unit 318, “The Hut,” 300 St. Francis street in Lennoxville.  Join us to celebrate Mental Health Week, with great food for a great cause.  Enjoy a delicious meal of beef, chicken, pork, vegetables, salads and desserts.  Reserve your tickets by calling Irene at 819-566-2067 or any member of the Board of Directors. Email Tickets are also available at Clark and Sons in Lennoxville.   Adults $20, 12 and under $12.

For more information please see the poster below.

Online Study for those Currently Experiencing Depressed and / or Anxious States

Are you currently experiencing depressive and/or anxious states (e.g., a recent change in sleeping and/or eating patterns, frequent feelings of sadness, frequent feelings of worry, and difficulty remaining calm)? Are you 18 years of age or older and a Canadian resident? Hannah O’Reilly, an undergraduate psychology student at Bishop’s University, under the supervision of Dr. Claude Charpentier and Dr. Lisa Mask of the Department of Psychology at Bishop’s University, is currently conducting a study for her Honours thesis that will examine how different forms of help (mutual help group, individual talk therapy, or both), or not seeking help at all, relate to the well-being of those who are currently experiencing depressed and/or anxious states. The online study is anonymous and will take approximately 30-35 minutes to complete. To participate, please follow this link: Thank you for your time and consideration.

Walk in My Shoes: HUGS for the Homeless

Studies show that small acts of kindness boost our own health and wellness. Mental Health Estrie invites you to help keep a homeless person warm this winter.

Now in its 11th year, “HUGS for the homeless” is an annual campaign that runs from November until March. Gift bags are prepared for the Christmas celebration that takes place at the local homeless shelter in Sherbrooke, and the remainder of the items are delivered in bulk, to be distributed as needed. We are in great need of warm articles of clothing for MEN, and encourage neutral colours. Thank you to all of the businesses, social clubs and individuals who continue to make this campaign possible, and help ease the trauma of homelessness.