Newly launched website, WellCan, provinding mental health resources during COVID-19 crisis.

A few days ago, corporate, community and public sector partners came together and launched a new website called WellCan. It “offers free well-being resources to help Canadians develop coping strategies and build resilience to help deal with uncertainty, mental health and substance abuse concerns during the COVID-19 pandemic”. You can view some of this information directly on the website or you can search WellCan in Google Play or Apple App Store and select “Install/Get”. WellCan’s website:

“54321” Exercise as Positive Coping Tool

“54321” is a grounding exercise you can use if you are feeling anxious. It taps into your 5 senses allowing you to connect with the here and now. You are shifting your focus to the present moment and you are bringing in calmness. Give it a try!