Breaking the Stigma

Moving from stigma surrounding mental health, to talking openly and comfortably about how we are really doing. “Break the Stigma” by the Children’s Hospital Colorado.

Self-Care for Helpers

Are you a helper (ex. therapist, caregiver, first responder, medical professional, etc.)? Do you take care of yourself with the same care and attention you would for your patients, your clients, your loved ones? As a gentle reminder, here are “8 self-care tips for helpers” written by Emily Bushell (MA, RCT, CCC) at the Crisis and Trauma Resource Institute. To read article, please click here.


Seasonal Affective Disorder

With less daylight and colder temperatures, many of us experience the winter blues during this time of year. Some will experience something called seasonal affective disorder (SAD). For more information, here is a short video. Please speak with a doctor if you are concerned or if you believe you are experiencing symptoms of SAD.